The economic development of a nation is the manifestation of a good mix of policies with optimal use of available resources combined with valuable human resources. The economic growth leads to poverty reduction and generation of resources to sustain the development and the most important output of this process is well skilled, well educated human resource. In order to secure the results of economic growth in terms of well groomed human resource the first hand information regarding the characteristics of the existing skilled work force such as their distribution by region and gender, age composition, skill level, productivity etc. are required in order to determine a development path.

Skill / labour market information that is timely and relevant is thus increasingly important, particularly as the countries of the region move to increase their productivity and competitiveness and monitor the social and economic impact of globalization.

In order to provide demand driven workforce as per the requirement of the industry /employer and the greater employability of TVET graduates, NAVTTC under TVET Reform Support Program (being implemented by GIZ) has developed National Skills Information System (NSIS).

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TVET Sector - Statistical Overview

One of the regular feature of NSIS Cell is to compile information of the entire TVET Sector of Pakistan which includes both public and private sector thorugh a questionair approved by Technical Wroking Group. NSIS not only give quantitative and qualitative information on trends but also identify gaps in the demand and supply of skill manpower. Following statistics shows and present the over all picture of TVET Sector:


Province Number
Punjab 1672
Sindh 620
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 686
Balochistan 149
Gilgit Baltistan 184
AJK 129
Islamabad 118
Total 3634

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Trade Demand Supply
Machine Operator 29361 874
Stitcher 19420 14
Electrician 21502 6532
Cooking 14943 1706
Driver 13130 797
Call Centre Agent 10291 0
Fitter 10345 433
Welder 18964 9250

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Trade Demand Supply
Computer 2912 35366
Tailoring 1860 23374
Beautician 515 19717
DAE Electrical 3480 16810
DAE Civil 6173 18732
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 1249 10624
Auto CAD 961 10263
Embriodery (Hand & Machine) 579 8802

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